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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


A shared opportunity for personal growth, enhanced relationship with those around you and contributing to the Kingdom of Christ through discipleship.

1. Increase in confidence and self esteem.
2. Inspire healthy decision-making.
3. Grow into their God-given identities.


Ready to make a serious impact?
Check your eligibility!

Be involved at your local church (attend service, serve).

Have a zest for biblical scripture and discipleship.

Have a heart to mentor youth, be supportive and encouraging.

Know and abide by the Word and live as Christ calls His disciples.

Have an occupation, be growth-focused, and adaptable.

Empathetic, active listener, patient and respectful with an eagerness to invest in future generation.

Ready to make new connections?
Check your eligibility!

Be between 8-20 years old.

Agree to devote an hour per week to mentorship program.

Complete an orientation call.

Be dedicated for 3 months (summer term, July - September).

RE-OPEN IN 2024!

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