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The Bruised Reed

Updated: May 3, 2022

How easily do I forget of your wonders and works!

Lord, my God,

I‘m sorry of the times I’ve let my mind be consumed of earthly and worldly interpretations and understandings.


I’m sorry for forgetting your strength.

You who spoke the sun and the moon into existence,

You who parted seas,

You who made mountains tremble in your presence,

You who hold the keys of heaven, death and Hades.

Oh how foolish I am to have forgotten of your vastness.

Oh how foolish of me to have thought of you as one with human strength.

I am but a spec of dust, a floating atom in the universe you created, whom you alone still chose for your will.

You’ve breathed life into me.

Yet, I followed a road I carved for myself.

But you Lord, are the potter.

You set me with your wonders.

You formed me as you see fit.

You created, molded, transformed and filled the broken areas in me.

You thread so lightly, gently, and so wonderfully.

Oh how foolish I’ve been to seek the ways and understanding of the Pharisees and Sadducees in my life.

Help me, oh Lord,

Help me be consumed of your wonders.

Fill my heart with your words and promises.

Guide me, oh Lord

Restore my heart,

Do with my life as you will.

Spare me oh Lord of the recklessness of my heart and thoughts.

Lead me back to your meadows and pastures.

Take me back to times in Eden.

Take me back to the times before my heart ached, to the painless days.

Take me back, oh Lord to the time before I was woven.

Take me back to the sweetness of Eden, to a time I once knew.

Let your will be done in me for your glory.

I lift everything to you my God, for this burden is too heavy for me to bear.

I lift it all to you.

I lift it all in your name.

I lift it all to you.

Rejoice, oh my soul, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

In Jesus name,


The Found Sheep


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