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He Wants To Show You More

2 Kings 4:1-7 Tells the story of a woman that recently became a widow and couldn't pay off her debts.

She cried out to the prophet Elisha for help because the creditor was going to take her sons to become his slaves. Elisha gave her instructions that would help, and after she completed those instructions, she returned to him to receive the final instructions.

In verse 4, the instruction was to go in her home, shut the door behind her and her sons, and then to pour into the vessels. The note in my commentary says, "Since, the widow's need was private, the provision was to be private also."

In life, I fear, that too many people want public provisions for private needs. That's not to say that God can't do it, but maybe that's not how He wants to do it.

Maybe He wants you to come to Him for help so that he can give you instructions.

Maybe He wants to see if you'll follow those instructions and pour out everything you think you have.

Maybe in that private moment, He wants to show you that He is a provider and He wants to bless you with more.

Maybe He wants to see you become excited when you pour out more than what you thought you had. And when there's nothing left, maybe He wants you to return to Him so that He can show you how to take care of your troubles and live on the rest.

TFSx Monique Thompson


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