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This Upcoming Season

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

In this moment and in the following days, I want to continue praying for guidance. I want to continue asking before making decisions because I know that God is the ultimate decision maker. God, I pray to continue hearing your voice even during the storm, even during the silence, let it be a whisper or a touch, or a feeling. I pray that you continue sending the Holy Spirit in moments of need, moments of decisions, and when the seasons change.

Above all, I know and believe that God's plans for me are greater and better than my own and while I am often tempted and distracted in this world, I want to keep these goals in my prayers so God can hear them, hold me accountable and send his Holy Spirit to guide me through them because I know I cannot do these by relying on my own strengths and experiences.

I pray for consistency. In this upcoming season, I pray the Holy Spirit guides me to become more consistent. To show up to work on time everyday, to always do the work that's needed. I pray that I'm also consistent in coming to God, having His words nearby and relying on His teachings to go through the days.

I pray for effective, positive communications. In this upcoming season, I pray that the words that come out of my mouth shows the love God has for His children. I pray I'm able to communicate with supervisors, coworkers, doctors, nurses, staff and everyone without fear of rebuttal. I pray my words will positively affect others, inspire the word of God in them. I pray I'm unbiased when it comes to office gossip, and that I'm not part of any of it and instead, continue treating everyone with respect.

I pray for better budgeting skills. In this upcoming season, I pray that I practice more savings and budgeting skills instead of spending. I want to at least save fifty percent of my income and spend only when it's absolutely necessary

I pray for guidance. In this upcoming season, I pray that God sends the holy spirit to navigate me through the good and difficult circumstances I will experience so I can come out even stronger.

I pray for emotional, mental, and physical healing. In this upcoming season, I pray for emotional healing. I pray the word of God unshackles me from heavy and burdening emotions. I pray for mental healing and less anxiety. I pray that I find a good therapist to also help with the changes that may come. I pray I'm able to find a good gym and workout to improve my physical health. also pray for spiritual healing trough this season as I try to unravel things in my past and mistakes I have not dealt with.

I pray for focus. In this upcoming season, I pray to God that I get a clearer sense of direction and that I do not swayed for temporary opportunities.

I pray for strength. In this upcoming season, I pray that God fully covers me with His armor. I pray to always be clothed with patience, love, strength, truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and that I carry the sword of the spirit into my battles.

I pray for stability and growth. In this upcoming season, I pray that my environment is stable and allows for me to grow into who God has called for me to be. I pray those I work with are sent by You and are supportive of the path You have for me.

I pray for privacy. In this upcoming season, I pray that God send the Holy Spirit guides my words with who I speak with and what I say to them.

In this upcoming season, I rebuke the Devil's hold on me. I pray that God removes all unhealthy clouds hovering over me. I pray against anxiety, depression, the fear of failure, laziness, overwhelm, tiredness, anger and lust. I know that God is fighting a battle for me and I thank you God for always being by my side even as I enter this new season. I thank God for already creating a path for me.

In Jesus name I pray,


The Found Sheep


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