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Series #3

1. Why Follow Christ?

For me there are so many reasons why I personally follow Christ. But for others, they sometimes can’t understand and see everything the Lord does for them even when they’re not following Him. He is a good Father who loves His children. I don’t follow Him because I think about going to heaven one day and I don’t think anyone should follow Him for that reason. I follow Him because He was present in every area of my life, He walked beside me and He showed me whose I am instead of who I thought I was. He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins when we didn’t even deserve it. To follow Him is a true Honor!

2. What does it mean to you to truly follow Christ?

Everything. It means I will lay down everything, anyone, and anything! My life is not my own! I surrendered everything when I said yes to Him. Because it means everything to me that He gave up everything for Me!

3. What was your life like before and after Christ and would you go back? Why or Why not?

My life was broken, bound, lost, alone, scared, and purposeless. I was an orphan, I was suicidal, I dealt with anxiety and depression, and I didn’t understand the meaning of love. I turned to alcohol, and I was even homeless. I ran from everything and everyone. I was abused and when I wasn’t being abused, I would harm myself for making the tiniest mistake because I felt like I deserved it.

After Christ, everything shifted for me! He showed me exactly where He was in every area and aspect of my life and how I was never alone. My mess turned into my message and every test turned into my testimony! I became free and my heart now is to see others see and feel this same breakthrough just by seeking out the Father, I was healed, set free, and delivered! Only Jesus! I could never go back. He is my everything. Without Him I know where I would be and how I would feel like I was nothing.

4. Why is it important to know your “Why!?” How does it help you?

Well, if you don’t know yourself, how are you supposed to share with others why you follow Christ and why you would never go back? How would that ever help anyone?

5. Why do you feel it's important for others to know about your religion?

Everyone wants an explanation. Even Jesus knew this and He wrote parables to explain it for others to understand the ‘why’ behind a lot of things.

TFSx Tiffany Nicole


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