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Series #5

1. Why follow Christ?

For me, Christ has been my anchor, my savior, my friend, my everything. He is my perfect example to follow for it pleased the Lord to exhibit what “perfection” means in His eyes through Christ. For me Jesus lived, died, and resurrected. And I have known, tasted that He is true. Through Christ, the love of God was exhibited, salvation, and empowered me to be free. For to follow Christ is life, death is otherwise. It is through Christ (and Christ alone) does man get reconciled to God. He is the way, following Him means walking in the way.

2. What does it mean to you to fully follow Christ?

For me, following Christ means putting to death me and letting Christ live. It means “what Christ would do according to The Word of God becomes practical for me.” It means obedience to the Holy Spirit and of God. It means leaving to please my Father other than myself, anyone else. And in other words, living means for God and dying is even gain because I go to God.

3. What was your life like before and after Christ and would you go back? Why or Why not?

I was born and raised in the church. And by that, I mean I was the type who will be going to church every day, a member of the bible quiz team, sword drill team, etc. I really did a lot in the church. But “my commitment” was merely in deeds and not at heart. But I am sure the season of growth came when I fully acknowledged Christ as my Lord and personal savior over a period in middle school. In that season, I committed myself to prayer and reading of the word as well as obeying God’s word. Ever since then, I was filled with so much joy. Even after, there’s been some ups and downs. Times that I lived in sin robbed me of my joy and when I said I’d repented, I’d return to God never looking back. I wouldn’t go back to any time when I lived in cycles. And now, my journey is full of God working on my heart each day and teaching me intimacy with him. I wouldn’t go back to anything.

4. Why is it important to know your 'Why' and how does that help you?

I do believe it's good to know the reason behind your zeal. In fact, the Bible speaks to us on remembering our first love, sharing our testimonies, as well as writing them down so you remember all the time you chose or committed yourself to this journey. Your ‘why’ becomes the fuel to this zeal.

5. Why do you feel it's important for others to know about your religion?

Without Christ, we are nothing. He is the source of all that brings meaning to life. And to experience true freedom, joy, etc. in God, Christ is the standard to which God wills for us to know Him and to experience Him. Taste and see, then you will be fully convinced that the Lord is good.

TFSx Caleb Donkoh-Moore

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