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Stained Glass


"Are you proud of yourself?"

The question looms brightly Behind closed eyelids.

I'm not

But I've already started.

"Are you proud of what you're doing?"

My skin burns

Under soft lips.

I'm not

But pride has me frozen in place.

"Are you proud of who you've become?"

My hands entangle

Themselves in wild hair.


But I've come too far.

"Why don't you leave?"

They pull me closer

As my heart drifts further away.

I don't know.

I'm already here.

"I can help you leave."

As clothes slide to the floor

We fall on the bed.

I can't,

Shame is the only thing covering me.

"It's not too late."

Another set of fingerprints

Smears my glass heart.

"What could you possibly want

With dirty things?"



"No amount of stains could cover

The love that I have for you.

No amount of damage could discount

The price that was paid for you.

Neither dust nor grime nor mold

Could undo the plans that I've made for you

Because I love you

And I always see the greatness inside of you."



Is it too late to leave now?



And even as I began shattering,

My Father picks up my shards.

And frames them into

A mosaic masterpiece.

December 1, 2021

Inspired by John 4

TFSx Conduit


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