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To the God of Abraham

I pray to thank you for your guidance throughout my life.

I pray to thank you for all you've done for me.

I pray to thank you for providing shelter, refuge, and strength.

I pray to thank you for accompanying me in places you sent me and even those I put myself in.

Lord, I thank you for everything.

Lord, I pray to find favor in your eyes.

I pray to continue doing your work on this earth.

God, please clear areas in my life that are cluttered so you can do your work.

Lord, you turn graves into gardens,

Please help me uproot all the weeds of my life.

Please help repot the plants that are thriving in this new garden, in your soil.

Please help me flourish and recognize weeds when I see them so I can be diligent and work the garden you've promised me.

God, I pray that are you are at the center of everything I do from here on out.

I pray that you control my life, and you anchor me in your Word.

These past weeks, I've been slipping back to unhealthy habits, and I am tired and sick of returning to the past so God, please help me heal and carry on.

From my heart to my soul, please Lord, make my life all about you.

I pray that whatever situation I encounter in the following year is a challenge you put me in and not something I orchestrated myself. I pray that you lead me and go before me in every situation and in every room.

Lord, I thank you for the past years, this year, and the one coming up.

The Found Sheep


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