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Traffic Lights

Red, Yellow, and Green Lights: Moving in Obedience

I was walking to my place and thought about a recent sister in Christ that I met whose faith inspired my walk with Christ. I asked God how come her faith is so strong and this is what He revealed to me.

I had to cross the road and noticed the drivers' traffic lights going from green to yellow and I knew my time to cross was coming. I checked, noticed the cars were slowing down from a distance and crossed the first section of the road. This thought in my head:

'What if the cars didn't respect their red light while I crossed?'

At that point, I was on the second part of the crosswalk.

This time, I waited for the pedestrian light to turn green.

God revealed this to me:

"You don't wait for the light to turn green to cross. Just like the traffic lights, you follow my Word but only half of it. You cross because you don't see any cars coming but your light is still red."

If no one pays attention to the traffic lights or the speed limits, there would be accidents. With God, it's the same. As humans, we don't respect all of God's rules.

After His words, I realized if I want to have such a strong faith in God, I have to obey His rules and wait on Him. Wait when my light is red and move when it's green.

Obedience in God, waiting when He says to wait and moving when He says to move is the key to a strong faith.

The second time I had to cross the second part of the road, I waited for the green light. It was a long wait. I didn't see a single car and I knew I could cross but I knew I had to wait. It made me think of patience, and how sometimes, God wants us to wait even when we don't see any dangers on the horizon, or our environment, we need to wait and it's for our own good.

TFSx Priscille


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