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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Dear God,

I am so imperfect but I come to you today to thank you for still picking me to be here, to experience this life for what is was meant to be. Though I am in this world, I pray not to become a product of it. I pray not to hold on to the fleeting things and jewels it offers because its value does not compare to the keys of your kingdom. Lord, please guide me in this life. Appoint someone from your will to walk alongside me wherever you need me. Please, help me unclutter areas in my life where things do not grow. Turn the graveyards of my thoughts and heart into gardens. Teach me how to work the field and grow fruitful branches. Turn my life into an ever-growing vine that fills others with joy, hope, and faith. I pray you break all the chains in my life, even the ones I never knew existed. I know you are a chain breaker and all chains are breakable in your name.

I pray to you, wonderful Father.

In Jesus name,


The Found Sheep